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Chocolat World has defined itself in a class of its own by our superior standards of quality, right from the selection of the cocoa beans, to the discerning art of selection and fusion of ingredients to create the ideal tastes and variety for every taste bud.

We pride ourselves on our signature intense chocolate that melts in the mouth, creating a sensory of experiences. The potpourri of flavours, aromas, textures and shapes epitomise our fresh and superior quality standards in every bite.

Every creation from Chocolat World uses only natural ingredients and pure chocolate, free from preservatives or additives. We do not use any artificial flavourings or food enhancers, but only the best, natural flavourings, so that you can savour the essence of pure chocolate.

Chocolat World only selects the finest Belgian and Swiss chocolate that meet our flavour and quality standards. We believe in the very best and discerningly select our cocoa beans, cocoa butter, and the highest quality sugar and milk as well as other special ingredients. Each ingredient is utilised within a short time span for maximised freshness and quality. We make fresh batches of chocolates daily.

Creating every batch of chocolate is truly a work of art. Our chocolate workshop is equipped with the world's finest chocolate making tools and equipment. Over here, our chocolatiers are people who simply love to create and perfect chocolates! We even have highly experienced “tasters” to ensure that our chocolates meet our standards, every batch, every time!

Chocolat World is renowned for our handcrafted Belgian chocolates, available in sensational selections!

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  • pralines
  • chocolate specialities
  • macarons
  • moist chocolate cakes
  • muffins
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